FIND ANSWERS to Frequently Asked Questions  

Q.   What information do I need to register my daughter for camp?
A.   You will need all the following information when you log in to register:
       - Grade your daughter will be in for 2024-25 school year
       - Daughter's troop number
       - Daughter's expected tee shirt size in June
       - Payment information (full payment is due online when you register)
       - Emergency contact name and phone #
       - List of authorized people to pick up your daughter, and anyone who is not permitted to pick her up
       - Medical insurance carrier, card number, and primary physician
       - Medical history and any allergies
       - Good news!  If you participated in camp last year, all your information in Camp Doc will be saved, so you'll only need to update with any changes.

Q.  Are there benefits to volunteering?
A.  Yes! Depending on your role, Adult Volunteers are eligible for a discount on one scout's tuition, and may be eligible for priority (early) registration starting March 18, 2024.  Note, this applies to Adult Volunteers from ANY SU, not just Newbury Park.  We need volunteers to lead stations, run the registration and first aid tents, and be a 'full week' set-up / break-down helper.  Please see the "Volunteers" tab on this website for a full description of the role requirements, and for discounts and early registration by volunteer role.

Q.   My daughter will be starting Kindergarten in fall 2024.  Can she attend camp?
Yes! We are excited that girls starting kindergarten in the fall are allowed to attend camp this year!  We also want to encourage parents of upcoming Kindergartners to sign up to be a volunteer at camp!  (We provide all needed training!)  
Our camp is a great way for both girls and parents to learn more about the fun Girl Scouts offers, and to get to know the local scouting community.

Q.  My Daughter is not in a troop, can she still come to camp?
Yes, you do not need to be in an active troop, however, you do need to be registered as a Girl Scout with Girl Scouts USA.  The cost to register with GSUSA is $25, and must be done prior to the camp registration process. 

(You can register at: 
Girls who are not in troops can still register early if their parent volunteers at camp (see Volunteer page for specifics).

Q.  Why do Newbury Park Girl Scouts get to register first?
Sequoia Day Camp is a local Service Unit Camp.  We are run within the Rancho Sierra Vista Service Unit.  In past years our local camp has become increasingly popular to the point where our own girls in the service unit cannot attend and our older girls cannot secure a PA spot to earn her higher awards. There was considerable discussion at the SU level leading to the decision to open registration to Newbury Park Girl Scouts first, followed by a general registration 2 weeks later.

Note that your priority for registration is determined by where your troop is, NOT by your zip code.  If you live in Newbury Park, but are part of a troop in Thousand Oaks, you need to wait until April 8, 2024 to register.  Conversely, if you live in Thousand Oaks but are a part of a Newbury Park Troop, you may register March 25, 2024.

EXCEPTIONS - Adult volunteers serving in the following capacity will be eligible for EARLY scout registration starting around March 18, 2024 regardless of service unit: Station Leaders, those signed up to do set up AND break down for the entire week, registration tent / first aid tent volunteers working the entire week.  Thus, those filling critical camp roles are ensured a space for their daughter(s) to attend.

Q.  Why do I have to help set up or take down, or pay an additional $25?
Our camp is 100% volunteer run.  If you have been attending camp for a while, you know this is something we required in the past.  The last few years we tried to recruit extra support, but ran short of help.  This put an undue burden on a few folks who had to show up very early, stay very late, and work extremely hard in getting camp set up and taken down every day.  We are returning to the old policy to help spread the load among more people and ensure camp remains viable for many more years.

Q. Can I pay my daughter's registration by credit card?
A.  Yes - For 2024, we are continuing to use GSCCC Council registration to streamline the process.  Payment will be made on-line at the end of Part 1 of the registration process.

Q.   Do you accept cash/checks anymore?
If you are unable to pay by credit card, you will need to coordinate payment with Girl Scout Council.  You can call them at 1-800-822-2427 to discuss your options.

Q.   What is included for the camp fee? 
A.  Our camp operates on a tight budget.  The reason we can offer so much to the girls at a low cost is simple, we don’t have labor costs.  All of the money you spend goes back to your daughter.  Each year we look to acquire new items for camp and offer more for the girls.   For $24/day your daughter gets a fantastic program, supplies included, T-shirt, patches and more.  Camp is 100% volunteer run and all fees go back into running camp.  

Q.  Why don’t the older girls who are volunteering go for free?
These girls are working on awards during camp.  They are minors and we are still required to have adults at camp to supervise.  They also participate in activities each day.  We purchase supplies (art, tie dye, camp shirts and awards) for the girls and must cover those expenses.  The older girls are still part of the girl program. 
Q.   Why is there no troop registration for camp?
Sequoia Day Camp is not a troop event.  This is a community event and we want girls to meet new girls and make new friends.  It is also difficult when the majority of girls in a small group know each other; the few left in the group feel left out.  Also, there are forms that each parent needs to fill out for her daughter and it cannot be managed at a troop level.

Q.  Will I be with my daughter’s group at camp if I volunteer?
Adult volunteers will see their daughters when their patrol rotates to the station you are working.  You can also join their patrol at lunch (if they give their okay!)  So, yes, you will definitely see your daughter at camp.

Q.  What happens if I don’t give my daughter permission to be photographed?
A.  We will need to ask your daughter to wear a wristband for identification so our camp photographers don’t accidentally take her photo.  We have had on occasion the Acorn come out and take a photo as well.  Camp photos we take can be posted on the website and printed for use in the scrapbooks we do at camp. 

Q.  Does my daughter need to wear her camp shirt every day?
A.  Yes.  We have camp shirts for several reasons, the most important is safety.  With all the girls in the same shirt, it makes identification in a public space much easier.  We know which girls at the park are with 'camp' and which girls aren't.  Also, with camp shirts, girls are on the same team.  There are no wardrobe comparisons, no treasured shirts to get paint on, etc... We know wearing the same shirt each day may get a little stinky if you don't have time to wash it each night so we do offer you a chance to purchase an additional camp shirt at minimal cost during the on-line camp registration process.

Q.  Can I drop my daughter off early?
A.  No.  We do not have adequate supervision for girls prior to camp’s designated starting time.  Our volunteers are getting ready for the day's activities.  Please do NOT bring your girls to the park expecting to sign them in early.  If you cannot be there to be responsible for them, be sure you have arrangements with another adult.  You must authorize that adult to sign your daughter in/out on your registration forms.

Is there any food or snack provided?  Will my daughter be able to refill her water bottle?
Due to increased allergies in our population, and since this is a half-day camp, we do not provide any food.  Girls are asked to bring a snack and lunch every day, which they will eat with their patrol.   Every day we also purchase lots of ice.  Water coolers are refilled often and kept cold.  Girls should have a refillable water bottled labeled clearly with their name.     

Q.   I can't stay all day but I can set up or break down every day, is there a discount?
Yes!!!!!  We are looking for a few HEAVY LIFTERS!!  Camp needs a small group of regulars to lead the set up and break down on a daily basis.

If you register to be a Daily Set Up volunteer your hours will be as follows:
Monday June 24 through Friday June 28, 2024, 7:00am to 9:00am Setting Up camp (required)
If possible, helping Saturday, June 22, 2024, 8:00-10:30am moving items from storage to a Pod at the park
You will haul and set up EZ Ups and tables, get gear to stations, and help direct the additional set up volunteers
Benefits - 50% discount off of one camp tuition!

If you register to be a Daily Break Down volunteer your hours will be as follows:
Monday June 24 through Friday June 28, 2024 - 1:30pm to 3:30pm Breaking Down camp (required)
If possible, helping until ~5:00pm breaking down camp, moving gear from camp to the storage unit, and loading the storage unit
You will take down and haul EZ Ups and tables, move other supplies to the pod, and help direct the additional volunteers
Benefits - 50% discount off of one camp tuition!

If you register for both - 1 child comes for FREE AND you get priority registration
starting the week of March 18th!!

Q.  My daughter is on the wait list.  How is the wait list priority determined?
A.  Wait list priority is determined by the following factors:
  • If camp needs a specific volunteer position that must be filled (ex. a camp nurse) and parent/guardian can fill that position, that girl will receive priority.
  • If camp is short on full day volunteers and you are able to volunteer on the days we need, that girl will receive priority.
  • If camp needs full week set up/break down people and you are able to do that, that girl will receive priority.
  • Once all necessary volunteer positions are filled that are REQUIRED for us to operate camp, we will then pull from the wait list based on day/time you are wait listed, within each age group that has an available space (e.g. If we have 1 spot in a daisy patrol, and your junior registered before the daisy, the daisy would get the spot because there isn't a spot for a junior.) 
Q.  My daughter has already earned her PA Award, are there other programs she can work towards at camp?
Yes! Check out the awards listed on the link at the bottom of the Older Girl Program pages of this site.  

Q.  My daughter (PA) is volunteering for the week, does that qualify us for early registration?
No.  PAs are part of the ‘girl’ program, just like our Daisies, Brownies and Juniors.  Only ADULT station leaders qualify to register their daughters early.  If your daughter is a PA and you are leading a station you may register her early.  The reason we give priority registration to STATION LEADER volunteers is simply.... we couldn’t have camp operate without them :) 

Q.  Do you offer financial aid?
Yes.  Financial aid is offered through the GSCCC Council.  Please reach out to Council at least a month BEFORE registration opens.  Information is available at  Click on the "financial aid" drop down arrow.  Information for camp is under "FA Program".  You can request financial aid by clicking on the "Link for FA Programs".  Per information listed there, your daughter must participate in the fall and spring product sales, and you can only apply for Financial Aid for one program per year.  If your daughter doesn't meet the council requirements, we offer great discounts for volunteers, too!  Please see the volunteer page.

Q.  Do you pro-rate the registration cost if my daughter can only attend part of the week or day
We do not.  We base all of our supplies on a FULL camp.  We cannot purchase based on girls missing a particular session.  If your daughter can only attend part of the week, we don't fill her space the rest of the week, the cost is the same. 

Q.   What are SWAPS?  How many SWAPS should my daughter make at home to bring to camp the designated day?
SWAPS are a Girl Scout tradition that goes back many years. The acronym SWAPS stands for “Special Whatchmacallits
Affectionately Pinned Somewhere”. These SWAPS can be anything you would like (but please no food due to potential allergies). They should be handmade, not cost a lot of money to make, and definitely don’t need to be “perfect”. Although many SWAPs have
safety pins and are designed to be pinned to vests or sashes, SWAPs don’t have to be a pin. They can be necklaces,
bracelets, patches, or other small items. On Thursday your scout will be able to swap SWAPS with other campers they meet as a small token of friendship!  We recommend each camper makes about 25 SWAPs.

If you’d like some more details about SWAPS, this site offers a great summary:

Your daughter will have a lot of fun making SWAPS if you let her use her creativity and imagination to create them. If you're still not sure what these are, Google "Girl Scout SWAPS" for lots of examples.  Then get out your arts and crafts bin, and see what she creates!

Q.  Can girls modify their t-shirts, are there guidelines?
  Your camp shirt identifies you as part of Sequoia Day Camp.  We request that you don't modify your camp shirt until after camp ends.  PAs who modify their shirts will be asked to leave and will not complete the award they are working towards. 
Campers who modify their shirts will need to purchase a new shirt.  

Q.  What happens if I need to cancel?
Girl Scout Day Camps all adhere to GSCCC Council's cancellation policy.  Here it is as of 2/1/22:
(Note, the official cancellation policy will be on the first page when you register for camp.)
      - No refunds after the registration deadline (May 14)
      - The Girl Scout membership fee of $25 is nonrefundable.  This is GSUSA policy.
      - Refund requests should be made in writing to by the last day of registration (May 14) for a full refund minus the membership fee.  Your request must include: (1) Name and date of the event/program/camp/training being canceled, (2) The session being canceled (if applicable), (3) Registrant's first and last name, (4) Reason for the refund request.
      - No refunds will be issued for no-shows.
      - Discounts and cookie credits cannot be reused if registration is cancelled.
      - No refunds will be issued if a registrant leaves before the end of the event/program/camp/training due to disciplinary action, homesickness, or upon parental request
      - No refunds will be issued if a registrant is dropped before the event/program/camp/training due to incomplete paperwork or not meeting prerequisites.
      - If you have a family emergency (severe sickness or death in the immediate family) after the registration deadline that is preventing you from attending, send an email to with the information stated above for a refund request.  Request must be received in writing within 24 hours of the event start date for the refund request to be considered.

We're looking forward to a great week of camp with you!!!